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Belly Shaper 24/7 Bundle - 1 month supply 


Burn fat day and night – and get that flat belly fast with this super effective fat-burning combo.


A powerful fat-burning duo that torches stomach fat during the day and at night! Drop the weight and get that flat belly FAST!


  • Reduce belly fat by up to 50%*

  • Reduce waist size by up to 7.5 cm* and hip size by up to 6 cm*

  • Boost fat burning by 33%*

  • Suppress late-night cravings and keep calories from turning into fat

  • Lose weight 2x faster* while you sleep like a baby


Bundle consists of: 

  • 1 x AdipoBurn XXL
  • 3 x NightBurn XXL

Belly Shaper 24/7 Bundle SlimJOY



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