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Day & Night Slimming Bundle - 1 month supply


Get rid of water weight and shed kilos fast with this super effective day&night slimming bundle.


Flush out excess water and toxins and kickstart your weight loss with the effective combination of the strongest natural diuretic on the market and the 4-in-1 night-time fat burner that even improves your sleep.


  • Boost excess water elimination by 27%*

  • Reduce bloating and swelling by up to 60%*

  • Lose weight 2x faster during the night

  • Suppress late-night cravings and improve your sleep

  • Increase fat burning & keep calories from turning into fat


Bundle consists of: 

  • 3 x WaterOut XXL
  • 3 x NightBurn XXL

Day & Night Slimming Bundle SlimJOY



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