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The BetaBolic dietary supplement provides the optimal dose of the most advanced, metabolically active and stable forms of creatine in combination with beta-alanine and anti-catabolic taurine. Magnesium chelate, esters and the alkaline form of creatine are recognized as the most effective and safest forms of administration of this super-anabolic ingredient. In addition, creatine coupled with the key components of the energy production cycle - citrate, malate, alpha-ketoglutarate - enhances the work of muscle cells during an exhausting workout. BetaBolic contains an innovative and highly effective muscle acidification buffer in the form of beta-alanine, which is converted into carnosine in muscle cells. Excessive acidification causes severe pain and sudden muscle collapse during a series of strength training. BetaBolic will allow you to cross the threshold of "muscle failure" when performing forced repetitions and quickly replenish ATP reserves for subsequent series and training.

Hi Tec Beta Bolic 240 capsules

€25.00 Regular Price
€20.00Sale Price
  • 5 capsules after training or on non-training days on an empty stomach. Drink water.

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