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Carnitin 1000 is a preparation that supplies the athlete's body with L-carnitine, which is a natural vitamin-like substance synthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine in the liver and kidneys. The demand for this nutrient increases significantly with the increase in physical activity of the body. L-carnitine is a substance necessary for the proper functioning of the heart muscle and skeletal muscles, as well as other tissues and organs. The metabolic role of L-carnitine in the cells of the body is to transfer long-chain fatty acids from the inside of the cell to the mitochondria, where they will be quickly converted into energy. In this way, the fat is burned right away instead of being deposited on the hips and stomach, and muscle glycogen and amino acid stores are spared. In addition, L-carnitine stabilizes biological membranes, thanks to which it has neuro- and cardioprotective properties. By participating in cellular energy processes, L-carnitine increases the body's adaptation to increased physical effort and the ability to regenerate after exercise. Taking Carnitin 1000 will stimulate the burning of spare fat, increase the body's endurance and increase resistance to overload and fatigue. L-carnitine increases the body's adaptation to physical effort and accelerates post-workout regeneration.


If you want to maximize the effect of L-carnitine, limit the caloric content of your diet, but do not remove fat from it, it is better to replace animal fats with fish and olive oil.


Before training, use carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, thanks to which L-carnitine will fulfill its task more effectively.

Hi Tec Carnitine 1000 - 60 capsules

  • serving 2 capsules, wash down with water. Use 30 minutes before training.