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Creasteron dietary supplement is a new incarnation of a preparation recognized and proven by many for post-workout supplementation. The new, improved composition maximally accelerates post-exercise regeneration, stimulates the growth of muscle mass (without a gram of fat) and at the same time nourishes your stressed joints. The new Creasteron will provide you with the fastest increase in muscle mass, limited only by your genetics, and each subsequent training will be more efficient and more intense. Immediately after training, you should reach for Creasteron, which extremely quickly saturates your muscles with amino acids, creatine, carbohydrates and a whole lot of other nutritional and anabolic ingredients. Only it will provide the muscles with full regeneration of glycogen and muscle proteins at the most optimal time. The composition of the new Creasteron has been designed to maximize post-workout muscle regeneration, their mega-growth, while minimizing the deposition of fat tissue on the radiator. Starting from the optimal proportion of proteins to carbohydrates, the amount of carbohydrates in one serving and ending with the addition of D-pinitol, ecdysterones and steroid saponins to the composition, we can see that Creasteron can expect only the best effects for our figure.

Hi Tec Creasteron 1204g + 28 capsules

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  • Dissolve a portion of 86 g in 500 ml of water + 2 capsules. Use immediately after training or in the morning after waking up.

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