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The Hi Anabol Protein dietary supplement is a high-protein preparation that supports the growth of muscle mass. The product is characterized by high biological value, contains branched chain amino acids BCAA, glutamine and arginine. Soy protein contained in the product has properties that stimulate thermogenesis in the body, which contributes to more efficient calorie burning. The effect of Hi Anabol Protein is the improvement of the nitrogen balance, the maximum use of stored fat as an energy source, the reduction of the accumulation of subcutaneous water and the rapid growth of lean muscle mass.

Hi Tec Hi-Anabol Protein 2.25kg

  • dissolve 30 grams (2 scoops) of powder dissolve in 250 ml of water. Suggestions for use: Use immediately after training 30 g with 250 ml of water Use in the morning immediately after waking up 30 g with 250 ml of water Consume 1-4 times a day according to individual needs. The product can be mixed with skimmed milk* (the shake prepared in this way will be much tastier).

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