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  • Protein matrix made from whey protein & wheat protein
  • Biological value 121-124
  • Excellent in diet and muscle building phases
  • Aspartame free


What can I expect from Hi Tec Nutrition - Protein 80?

Hi Tec Nutrition - Protein 80 is made up of whey protein (whey) and wheat protein, an animal and a plant component. It is precisely this combination that allows the biological value to be increased to 121 to 124 points, which is higher than would be possible with mono-administration of protein, while at the same time having a high content of essential amino acids (EAA) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). The biological value is the measure of the convertibility of dietary protein into the body's own protein. Values ​​around and above 100 are considered to be of exceptionally high quality.


How does Hi Tec Nutrition - Protein 80 work?

Proteins contribute to building muscle during muscle building phases and to maintaining muscle during diet phases. The supply of high-quality proteins also plays a crucial role for athletes. To meet the needs of athletes, Protein 80 delivers a high-quality combination of whey protein and wheat protein. This unique combination ensures that the product has a high biological value of 121 to 124 points and thus an optimized supply of amino acids that has been perfectly adapted to the structure of the body's own protein.

Hi Tec Protein 80 2kg

  • We recommend using 30-40g of Protein 80 per serving, either as a snack or before training. After training, we recommend consuming a pure whey protein such as Whey C6 or Hi Anabol Protein 

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