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Muscle building and performance go hand in hand. We need protein because it has been proven to promote muscle maintenance and muscle building, but also carbohydrates to provide enough energy for strength performance.


Hardgainers in particular often have difficulty getting enough nutrients and calories because their requirements are extremely high. For such people, but also for anyone who needs a quick carbohydrate and protein meal during the day without much effort, there is Whey Mass Builder from Hi Tec Nutrition.


Almost 73% carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin and dextrose ensure quick absorption. The combination of animal whey protein and vegetable wheat protein guarantees high biological value.



  • 20% protein, almost 73% carbohydrates
  • Fast recording
  • High BCAA content
  • Delicious flavors
  • High content of vitamins



Suitable for:

Muscle building Muscle preservation Bone preservation Additional supply of calories

Hi Tec Whey Mass Builder 3kg

  • 1 serving immediately after training

    Up to 4 additional servings during non-training days or training days depending on calorie and protein needs

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