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Lightning Fast Slimming Bundle - 1 month supply 


Burns fat, eliminates toxins, swelling and water retention and improves sleep quality.

With the help of our 3 bestselling drinks: Night Burner Drink, 3-in-1 Draining Drink and Fat Burner Drink, you will be able to burn more fat , eliminate excess fluids and toxins from your body and achieve an envious body that everyone will notice.


  • Reduces swelling by 60*%. 

  • It burns fat around the clock and stimulates the metabolism 

  • Helps to control evening hunger pangs 

  • Ensures better sleep quality 

  • Detoxifies and tones the body 


Bundle consists of: 

  • 3 x 3-in-1 Draining Drink 
  • 3 x Fat Burner Drink Intense
  • 3 x Night Burner Drink Intense

Lightning Fast Slimming Bundle TummyTox