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- High content of BCAA amino acids branched chain.
- Huge addition of l- glutamine and taurine.
- Effective protection against catabolism, intensifies anabolism.
- It accelerates regeneration after exercises and increase muscle mass.
- Based on high-quality instant raw material  - excellent solubility.

BCAA Professional Line composition of key muscle cells branched chain amino acid in a ratio 2: 1: 1 (L-leucine: L-valine L-isoleucine). In addition to enhance the effect of regenerative BCAA Professional it has been enriched with L-glutamine and taurine, which use affects the rate of absorption of amino acids.

BCAA Professional Line was created for hard training people, because it provides rapid regeneration after training, as well as physically active, which are in the process of weight loss and want to protect  muscles from breakdown (catabolism) caused by a caloric deficit.

Using instant material provides excellent solubility. The product is available in four juicy flavors: lemon, blackcurrant, orange, s

PF Nutrition BCAA 500g

  • Take 1-2 servings a day. One serving is 10 g dissolved in 200 ml of water or juice. In training days before and after training. In days without training, in the morning when you wake up.

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