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Carbpack Professional Line 


- A carefully selected complex carbohydrates with different glycemic index.
- Is enriched with magnesium, L-arginine and vitamin B6.
- Accelerates regeneration, releases energy for intense excercises.

Carbpack Professional Line is a diverse complex carbohydrates, which  are responsible for providing energy required for  all sports: strength (bodybuilding, powerlifting), endurance - strength (martial arts) and endurance (cycling, running, ball games, swimming).

Carbohydrates with high, medium and low glycemic index ensure maintaining the insulin levels stable, which allows to supply muscle cells with the necessary energy components throughout, exhaustive exercises. Professional Line Carbpack was supplemented with magnesium, L-arginine and vitamin B6. Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and helps to maintain electrolyte balance, l-arginine is used as a substrate for the synthesis of nitric oxide, while vitamin B6 helps to maintain normal energy metabolism.

No matter whether you're before a heavy workout at the gym, sparring, cycling race, match or marathon. Carbpack Professional removes  fatigue and provides  maximum support to overcome the crisis during prolonged and intensive effort.
The product is available in four juicy flavors: lemon, blackcurrant, orange, strawberry.

PF Nutrition Carbopack 1kg

  • Apply 1 to 3 servings per day. Preferably before, during and after exercise. One serving is 50 grams of nutrients dissolved in 300 ml of water or juice.

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