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- Reduces the level of subcutaneous fat.
- Effective support for weight loss without the yo-yo effect.
- It contains no stimulants and boosters.
- Convenient capsule form.

Carni Fit Professional Line is a product designed for people wishing to improve fat metabolism, it provides professional support in the struggle for a slim figure, as well as in weight control. L-carnitine supports  the production of energy through transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are processed into energy. The use of energy resources accumulated in the fat tissue increases the body's ability to exercise and at the same time allows you to get rid of unnecessary fat.
Carni Fit Professional Line can be used at any time of the day, it does not contain stimulants and boosters, the effect of which is effective and completely safe weight loss.

PF Nutrition Carni Fit 100 caps

€20.00 Regular Price
€15.00Sale Price
  • Take 2 servings per day. Preferably in the morning and before training. One serving is 2 capsules.

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