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- The innovative formula enriched with natural plant extracts and vitamins.
- Rapid elimination of fat tissue and the development of dry sculpted muscle.
- Aggressively accelerates the metabolism of fats.
- Reduces appetite.

Fat Burner Shot Professional Line is an advanced thermogenic formula, whose mission is to improve the metabolism, which is associated with an increased use of fat in the process of obtaining energy. Enriching the preparation of natural active ingredients and the most important vitamins makes the Fire Shot extremely powerful, effective and efficient fat burner.

L-carnitine - supports the production of energy through the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are converted into energy, which increases the ability to exercise the body and gets rid of unnecessary fat.
Bitter orange extract- helps control weight, improves overall physical fitness, increase lean muscle mass.
Green tea extract - rich in EGCG, helps weight loss, protects tissues from oxidation process, helps maintain adequate blood glucose levels.
Caffeine - stimulates physical and mental activity, improves concentration.
Garcinia cambogia extract - reduces appetite and total cholesterol levels, it  helps to reduce body fat and blocks the transformation of carbohydrate into fats.
Cayenne pepper - contains capsaicin, supports the process of thermogenesis, influences on weight loss, suppresses appetite.
Black pepper extract - increases the secretion of digestive juices, regulates the digestive tract, supports the lipolysis process and increases thermogenesis, a positive effect on mental and physical performance.
Chromium - helps maintain normal metabolism of macronutrients, participates in maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

PF Nutrition Fat Burner Shot 100 Caps

  • Use 3 capsules a day. Preferably in the morning or before training.