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Muscle Pack Professional Line


- The high content of balanced protein and high quality carbohydrates.
- A small amount of fat.
- Professional help in balancing the daily diet.
- Speeds up the process of scooping lean muscle mass and strength.

Muscle Pack Professional Line is a complex carbohydrate and protein preparation, which includes carbohydrates with different absorption rates (hydrolyzed corn starch, dextrose) and supported by the highest quality whey protein concentrate, which provides the building blocks for muscles and practically immediate delivery of amino acids to the body. The product helps in balancing the daily diet, providing the right amount of calories and valuable nutrients. The product is ideally after the training or as a meal replacement. Muscle Pack is recommended as a dietary supplement during strength training, strength and endurance, as well as those who have difficulty gaining weight.

PF Nutrition Muscle Pack 2.5kg

  • Take 2 servings per day. Preferably in the morning and after training. One serving is 70 grams of nutrients dissolved in 300 ml of water.

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