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Slim Express – 6-in-1 Weight-Loss Drink with Morosil®


Lose belly fat in no time by targeting 5 aspects of slimming at once! This weight-loss drink helps you burn fat, eliminate excess water, and boost your metabolism while keeping your blood sugar and cravings under control. 


  • Morosil® reduces body weight by up to 3* kg 
  • Morosil® shrinks the waist by up to 7.5* cm 
  • Green tea boosts fat burning and metabolism 
  • White mulberry blocks the absorption of carbs 
  • Hibiscus flushes out excess water 
  • Zinc supports metabolism 
  • Acacia gum provides fibre for a healthy gut 
  • Vitamin C keeps your energy levels up 
  • With natural orange flavouring 
  • Low-calorie 
  • No unwanted additives 
  • Suitable for vegetarians vegans 
  • Produced in the EU in accordance with GMP quality standards  

Slim Express - 1 Month Supply

  • (in 1 sachet): acacia (Acacia senegal (L.) Britton) gum with 90% soluble dietary fiber 2640 mg (soluble dietary fiber 2376 mg); orange fruit juice concentrate powder; natural orange flavoring; MOROSIL® [red orange var. Moro (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) fruit extract with 4,3-4,5% vitamin C] 400 mg (vitamin C 17,2 mg – 18 mg (21,5–22,5%*)); green tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) leaf extract with 98% polyphenols, 60% catechins, 50% EGCG and max. 1% caffeine 230 mg (EGCG 115 mg); white mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaf extract 200 mg; hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) flower extract with 10% polyphenols 125 mg; acidity regulator: citric acid; zinc gluconate (zinc 5 mg – 50%*); sweetener: sucralose.

    *nutrient reference values

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