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Starter Bundle - 30 day supply


A well-rounded one-month bundle that will make weight loss more efficient and help prevent the yo-yo effect!


This bundle contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

This combination of our best-selling weight-loss products will make sure you stay focused and reach your goals.


  • Helps burn 24% more fat*
  • Reduces waist circumference by 7.5 cm* and hips by 6 cm*
  • Effectively detoxes and increases excess water elimination by 27*%
  • Prevents the body from storing fat
  • Decreases evening hunger


Bundle Consists of 

  • 1 x AdipoBurn XXL
  • 3 x WaterOut XXL
  • 3 x NightBurn XXL
  • 3 x FatBurn XXL

Starter Bundle SlimJOY



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