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gay water canned vodka sodas are made with real vodka. only 80 calories, 0 sugar, and only 3 ingredients. hangover? what's that.


gay means happy.

it’s hard to believe that there are so few products on the market that represent the community outside of pride month. when you really think about, how many products can you think about that have “gay” in the title? maybe 3?


enter gay water.

gay water has always been a colloquialism for vodka soda, so surprise, that’s our core product. however, we are a mission-driven, lifestyle brand here to bring back the original definition of the word gay by putting our products everywhere - your restaurant, your bar, your liquor store, your grocery store, concert venues and more. these are places where queer people both work and shop, but there are no products on those shelves to show these spaces are safe and inclusive.



Vodka Soda Watermelon

  • €3.65 + €0.10 BCRS

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